About Us

Who We Are

We are residents of Todd/Wadena County who are supporters of the national and state DFL party. To that end, we attend our county DFL caucuses; help nominate DFL party candidates for our state senate and house and for our national candidates for President, Senate, and House. We are all volunteers.

We support candidates by:

  • Helping at the Todd/Wadena County DFL booth at the annual Todd/Wadena County Fair
  • Adding our DFL float to county towns’ festival parades
  • Writing letters to editors of local and state newspapers
  • Sponsoring an academic scholarship for high school students
  • “Door knocking” and handing out election literature.
  • Donating our time, talents, and dollars to the effort to get DFL candidates elected.

We are not the party of “borrow and spend.” We support the maintenance and improvement of our country’s infrastructure with tax dollars.

We support “saving for a rainy day” with reserve monies because a “rainy day” always comes.

We support educating all citizens of all ages.

We support equality of opportunity no matter what color of skin, gender, or religion.

We support our government in its efforts to improve the lives of all citizens.