Caucus Sites 2020

DFL Caucus Sites, February 25, 2020  Time: 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. 320-533-0801

  1.  Bertha:  310 Central Ave S, Bertha-Hewitt High School Cafeteria.  Cities of Bertha and Hewitt; townships of Bartlett, Bertha, Germania, Stowe Prairie
  2.  Eagle Bend:  Hilltop Kitchen meeting room, 405 Main Street West.  Cities of Clarissa and Eagle Bend; townships of Burleene, Eagle Valley, and Wykeham
  3. Browerville: High School & Elementary Library, 620 Park Ave. N.  City of Browerville; townships of Hartford, Iona, Little Elk, Turtle Creek and Ward  
  4. Long Prairie:  LPGE Middle School (Old High School by Courthouse), Door E 2.  For Handicap entrance, use door E 1, go down. City of Long Prairie; townships of Bruce, Long Prairie, and Reynolds.
  5. Staples: City Hall meeting room, 122  6th Street. City of Staples; townships of Fawn Lake, Moran, Staples, and Villard
  6. Osakis: Galeon meeting room, downstairs, 410 W. Main Street.  Cities of Osakis (Todd County part); and West Union; townships of Gordon, Kandota, Leslie, Little Sauk, and West Union.
  7. Grey Eagle:  GE Housing Association, 303 Cedar Street N, (apartments) meeting room.  Cities of Burtrum and Grey Eagle; townships of Birchdale, Burnhamville, Grey Eagle, and Round Prairie. 

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