DFL Statement on the 7th Congressional District


September 3, 2019 Contact: Brian Evans Email: bevans@dfl.org

DFL Statement on the 7th CongressionalDistrict“Now more than ever, rural Minnesotans need a fighter like Collin Peterson in theircorner.”

St. Paul, MN – Ken Martin, Chairman of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party released the following statement on the upcoming election in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District:

“As the Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, Representative Collin Peterson has worked with both Democrats and Republicans to get things done for our farmers and for communities across Greater Minnesota.

“In 2014, Republicans spent millions of dollars trying to unseat Collin Peterson, but they failed because voters in Western Minnesota know that Peterson has always been a strong and independent voice for them and their families.

“Right now, President Donald Trump is engaged in a reckless trade war that’s devastating Minnesota’s farmers and agricultural economy. Dave Hughes or Michelle Fischbach would doubtless be another rubber stamp for Donald Trump’s disastrous trade policies that are hurting rural communities and creating serious economic uncertainty for farmers.

“Now more than ever, rural Minnesotans need a fighter like Collin Peterson in their corner.”


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