Who is the snowflake.

I got banned from a joke facebook page!

On my personal facebook I try to fairly generic and neutral. It is basically a way to see my family and friends. I also share some memes that I find funny. I belonged to a group called Funnies. It had several cartoons I like and some very tasteless ones. One common message was “It is just a joke, if you don’t like it get off”

I began notice that the majority of the tasteless ones were anti immigrant, anti liberal, call Michelle Obama a lesbian , Barack Obama a muslim terrorist etc. I decided to post a couple of graphics of Trump being manipulated by Putin.

Who’s the Snowflake? You’re the Snowflake!

As you probably know, tea partiers and extreme conservatives like to call liberals snowflakes because we are so thin skinned. The first time I posted something, it was completely ignored and not approved to the group. It never got shown. The second time I posted, I added a little note asking why these are not appropriate. I was immediately banned from the group.

Gee, I hope I didn’t melt any conservative snowflakes. Do you find these more offensive than saying immigrants are lazy and dirty?

I guess I am just a dirty old man.

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