Fraud Waste and Abuse by Sue Stine

“Fraud, waste, and abuse, fraud, waste, and abuse…”

Republicans claim “fraud, waste, and abuse” as reason to cut taxes (current GOP candidate for governor), but neither he nor they ever identify the “fraud, waste, and abuse.” They seem to accept “fraud, waste, and abuse” as a given, that “everyone” knows there’s “fraud, waste, and abuse” in state government (because they would engage in “fraud, waste, and abuse” if they worked in state government?) So, the candidate for governor wants to reduce taxes by 1%, to reduce “fraud, waste, and abuse.” He still hasn’t told us where the “fraud, waste, and abuse” is to be found in state government, he just knows it’s there. Identify this “fraud, waste, and abuse” so we can take care of it! I want to know where the fraud, waste, and abuse is so I can point it out as something to be eliminated. For the life of me, I don’t see the “fraud, waste, and abuse” in our state government that would be eliminated by reducing our taxes by 1%.

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