The President, Congress and the Constitution. By Sue Stine

By Sue Stine

After creating our Constitution, the authors composed and attached The Bill of Rights, or The First Ten Amendments to our Constitution. And #1 of those ten? Amendment One: freedom of speech and Freedom of the Press, to protect against government silencing of the press and speech of the citizens with which the government might not agree. Our present commander in chief is attempting to silence dissenters by taking away or threatening to take away, security clearances. He is threatening Freedom of the Press by calling reporters and the media “fake news” and “the enemy of the people.” He is not defending our Constitution and therefore, needs to be removed from office. Members of Congress are also sworn to uphold/defend our Constitution and are not doing so when they permit and aid and abet the anti-Constitution speech of the President. Our Country is being damaged by the unAmerican behavior of the President and Congress.

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