It is important to vote.

I am back at it and now making sure we get everyone out to vote this November. I know our area is heavy tea-party, but the better we do here, the more help we give the state-wide candidates.  If we really try, maybe we can reverse the trend and get our local candidates elected.  Get out and vote!

One thought on “It is important to vote.

  1. I was taught, by my teachers in grade school, that it was my obligation, as a citizen of this country, to vote in every election, so I do. Even if I feel I have to choose between two evils, I still will vote. Voting is a way of “checking in,” of honoring our nation, our Constitution, and our military who fight for our right to vote. Yes, freedom to vote also implies freedom to not vote but for me and mine, voting is an obligation I owe my country and I make my vote an informed vote to the best of my ability.

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