Guns Need Laws Too! By Pat Carlson

Guns Need Laws Too!

By Pat Carlson

Most people in our country accept that cars and trucks are regulated by Local, State and Federal laws. All are licensed as are their drivers. Do not forget insurance. Most people say that is okay because car and truck accidents cause more deaths. That is false. You can check with the state of Minnesota on on the causes of death. Guns cause more deaths. That is a fact. That number includes murders, suicides, and accidental shootings, but all gun deaths are violent.

One of my grandsons was concerned after the latest school shootings in Florida. I told him it probably will not happen in his school, but if he sees anyone shooting a gun, he should duck and hide. Most schools now have drills on what to do. Children should NOT have to worry about dying in school.

We need to improve security in school with surveillance and have security people. Not arming our teachers. Teachers have enough to do.

No one suggests that we take away guns from law abiding citizens or responsible gun owners, but we must:

  • Improve background checks.
  • Hold people responsible if they sell guns to criminals.
  • Ban the sale if assault rifles and bump stocks.
  • Face the fact that we need crisis intervention for people with Mental Health Issues.

If we can agree on laws for cars and trucks, why can we not agree on the same for guns.

I pray and stand with other people to stop gun violence. I hope there are no more shootings in our schools. I pray that we can regain some of our lost innocence.

Pat Carlson
Long Prairie, MN

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