The FCC and Net Neutrality

The FCC is proposing to eliminate net neutrality. Net neutrality is defined as: the Internet is a public utility like the phone company. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the Internet.

How does this affect us as rural Internet users? First, a little background. I already pay for Internet access for my web servers. The more I pay, the faster the connection to send information out. Netflix, Google, and the news stations already pay a lot of money for their connections.

If net neutrality is ended, the phone companies (CenturyLink, Verizon, Charter, etc.) can slow down our access to anything they want. If they favor one news outlet over another, they could slow down Fox News over MSNBC or vice versa.

Under current rules, the Internet companies must provide Internet access to rural communities. This is partially subsidized by people in the larger population centers. Ending net neutrality would end this provision to service rural communities. That means that Internet access would limited or cost much more in rural communities.

If you feel limited net neutrality in not in your best interest, call and/or contact your representatives and Senators. You can also contact this secure website, and sign up.

A. John Peters
Browerville MN
Department Head and Instructor Computer Systems
Minneapolis Business College

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