About the Governor’s Vetos

Governor Dayton vetoed 10 reactionary Republican loaded with addon that had nothing to do with the budget. Attached are 3 of the Governor’s veto letters.  thanks to John King for providing the links.

This is a link to Gov Dayton’s veto letter of the Agriculture bill.  It is revealing in that it discredits Gazelka’s accusation that the Governor was failing to compromise in negotiations.  It also highlights how the GOP is failing to invest i Minnesota.
John King
This is a link to the Governor’s veto of the environmental bill.  The first paragraphs are key in understanding how the GOP budget slashes spending and services and puts needed environmental policies at risk.
John King
Below is a link to Governor Dayton’s veto of the Health and Human Services bill.  The nearly 20% cut to the Family Planning Special Projects grant shows how shortsighted the bill is.  Family Planning Special Projects reached out to 30,000 people with family planning services and information and in the process significantly reduced teen and unwanted pregnancies.  The resulting savings in social services far exceeded any cuts the GOP is making.
John KIng

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