Why I Am Against Voter IDs

Why I Am Against Voter IDs

In North Carolina, there were 4,769,640 votes were cast in November there was only only 1 vote that would have been caught with voter ID. You can read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/editorials/article146486019.html.

There were 436 miscast votes. 435 votes were mistakes in the registration office at the state, mostly felons on probation or parole who did not know that they could not vote.

A voter ID law would be expensive. Would have to have special equipment at each polling place to verify the ID and train the polling official on how to use the equipment and verify valid IDs. State wide, the cost is estimated to be $36 million to $78 Million when estimated by anti ID advocates and $2.9 Million when estimated by pro ID advocates. This is for 1 fraudulent voter. Small voter sites (Hartford) could not afford the increase in expenses.

Now, I am a computer nerd. Based on what I know how to do, I feel that voter fraud may increase, making the fraud more expensive. Here is what one needs to make fake IDs good enough to pass 99% of various verification machines:

Fake Supplies:
• Computer with Fake ID Editing software (Adobe Photoshop)
• Inkjet Printer (A high cost item)
• Special Teslin Paper (almost identical to standard PVC plastic)
• Home ID Laminator
Fake id Hologram (optional)
• Fake Driver’s License Template (Available Overseas)

Any computer hacker worth his or her salt could print out 50 to 100 a day. A dedicated group could easily sway several districts in MN.

Now I admit, that the new government ID would be more difficult to fake, BUT, that just raises the cost and to, and the talent a forger needs..

If we raise the stakes with voter ID, we then have created an arms race in technology. The best way to prevent voter fraud is to have enough polling place where there is a good chance that people would know the voters.

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