Questions About the Todd County DFL positions on Agriculture

Todd County DFL on agriculture

I am trying to determine my views on our position on agriculture. I need to here cognitive agreements. Pro and Con, on various issues that effect our community. I am going to list several items that I think affect our income and quality of life. Please give me your opinions either in the comment section of this website or by email at

  1. Large Feedlots and their placement.
  2. Organic Farming
  3. Mono-culture farming
  4. Pesticides and the affect on our bee population.
  5. No-till farming
  6. Corporation Farming vs Family Farming
  7. GMOs
  8. The ability to raise your own seed when pollination comes from drift of neighbors farm.
  9. Trans Pacific Trade Agreement and trade agreements in general.
  10. Farming close to rivers and lakes
  11. regulations in general
  12. Immigrant farm workers
  13. Any farming issues not listed here.

I hope to here from a lot of people. Please educate me.

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