My feeling after the election


On election day we had 56 people connect to the web site.  It has been averaging less then 10 since then.  We have not gotten any donations from the web site since the first one.  I plan on adding articles but only about 1 a week. If anyone else wants to write an article, I can give you rights to write an article directly or you can send them to me. I would like to get more people reading our articles.  We also need to get people making comments on the articles.  That might create some buzz.  I would like to have 100-150 readers a day before the 2018 election.


Here are some articles I think should be written

  • 32 states have Republican legislators. 33 states are needed to form a Constitutional convention.  Talk about the ramifications of this.
  • What does the Democratic party need to do to get young people to vote?
  • What does the Democratic party need to do to get rural areas lean in its direction?
  • Steve Bannon and White Supremacy.
  • The Importance of 2018
  • Bring the Greens and to moderates together.
  • The importance of local elections and precinct/county party leaders

I will take other ideas.



We had no entries.  I think it should be extended with minor modifications.  We need to stress to the teachers and schools that this papers are non-partisan.  What is the next big date (politically) before the end of the school year?  We should time the due date based on that.



Now is the time we need to start getting ready for 2018.  This the chance to form the Democratic Party in an acceptable image.  For me, I see three choices:

  1. Work my butt off for 2018
  2. Leave the country
  3. Become physical.

I will be doing #1 until I feel hopeless.  If all of use work together, I will never leave or become violent.






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