The ethic of throwing it and see if it sticks or does anyone ever check facts

I will make this short and sweet.  I will let you read another article.

For 30 years the Republicans have been throw excrement against the wall and see what sticks in our collective memory.  The have made Hillary a murderer a liar and a lesbian communist. As someone famous once said, a lie goes around the world before the truth is said.

From the daily news bin

The hard part in getting through to those who are convinced that the lies about Hillary Clinton are facts, is that they have a boatload of phony “facts” and right-wing web sites to draw from, but their main source of information is Fox News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and/or their duped listeners. When you go into detailed evidence against their claims, the response is longer than they’re willing to read or hear. So, its either a shorter version which may not get the point across, or the long version which won’t be read. My recommendation is to answer one attack at a time in as much detail as you can to prove your case. These are short paragraphs along with a few links for support. Speak softly and don’t yell at them for being duped. Your goal should be to disarm them and get them to hear you, which can’t be done if they raise their shield.

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