How I chose to Vote

I am an opinionated person.  Until this election, I tried to chose my party and candidates based on their positions on various issues. This election may have changed some of that.  I never had to watch a misogynist, self absorbed, pompous, bombastic, blowhard before.  I did luck out because in this case, the issues of the egomaniac are different than my own. Here are my issues in no particular order.

Issue 1

My chosen candidate must believe that evolution is the best theory for how life came into being. Why? Because this means that a person accepts peer-reviewed science rather than just ideology.  Without evolution, we could not have antibiotics. Peer review science is closely related to my second issue.

Issue 2

Climate change is real. In all probability, it is caused by man. The vast majority of peer reviewed studies link carbon and methane in the atmosphere to global climate.  I believe the studies that show the glaciers and ice caps are leaving. I believe that we are losing species because of climate change. I believe that storms are becoming more violent because of climate change.

Issue 3

Renewable energy is cheaper.  This is practically true now and definitely true in the long term.  I think investment in oil, coal and gas she be cut back and there should be no investment in new pipelines.  I feel that the major companies are investing in carbon based fuel facilities just to insure there profits in the future.  The same money can be put into renewables AND providing proper insulation to homes and businesses.

Issue 4

Some regulation is good. Some regulation is needed.  We can not afford lead in the pipes suppling our drinking water.  Mono-culture would guarantee that our food supply would become endangered.  Mono-culture also affects our wildlife. When was the last time you saw a monarch butterfly?

Issue 5

All races and religions should be treated with respect. An extreme Muslim is no different than an extreme Christian.  Read both the Koran and the Bible.  They both have passages espousing murder of non-believers.  Both have passages supporting slavery. Were the IRA terrorists?

Issue 6

This goes back to Issue 4. Our financial institutions have become too big.  Because of their practices, we could have another major collapse.  I also believe that many are corrupt and do not care for anybody but themselves. They have to be watched.

I could go on, but I think I you get my gist.

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