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Clinton’s email server was used only by her and a couple of close associates. But people all over the world shared the same email server as Colin Powell.  These users would easily include hackers from Russia or China.

Every machine on the Internet has an address. The address of Clinton’s email server was only available to the few who used it. But millions of AOL members need to access AOL email servers. The machine addresses are publicly available. This makes it infinitely easier for hackers to break in.

Exhaustive investigations found no past break-in into Clinton’s email server. AOL had countless break-ins of their email servers during Powell’s 2001-2005 term. In a single incident in 2004, information in 92,000,000 AOL emails accounts were hacked. [Washington Post June 24, 2004].

Clinton turned over 55,000 pages of emails to State Department’s investigators. But when they asked Powell for his emails, he said that he had not saved any of them.

But, in spite of all this, no attempt was ever made to investigate private email use by Powell or any other state department officials.

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