Another Similar Candidate

There was once another presidential candidate very much like Trump. He wanted “to make his country great again”. He promised to undo existing treaties with other countries.

He surrounded himself with racists and hoodlums. He urged violence against opponents and voter intimidation. He talked of opposing candidates eliminated.

He demonized a minority and promised to get rid of them. He paraded a rape victim of this minority at his speeches, to stir up hatred. He said that POWs not heroes, because they gave up.

He believed in torture and killing the families of terrorists. He despised elected officials and only admired dictators.

He also tried to conquer the mid-east and “take its oil”, as Trump promises. He would have also used nuclear weapons, as Trump threatens to use.

Most thought he had no chance in the election. But millions were unemployed and discontent.

A month after this other tyrant took office, he faked a terrorist attack, suspended political activity and formed the Gestapo.

It took 60 million lives to stop Adolph Hitler, in his attempt to rule the world. Can anything stop Trump, once he controls the U.S. nuclear arsenal?

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